The Teams!
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Mark Koenig
Plano, Texas, USA
Age: 44; USGA Index: 3.0
Rarely is the North American Texan seen outside of his native habitat - although he may be lured through the judicious use of alcohol or alcohol-related activities, such as golf or viewing professional ice hockey. The Texan is notable for its incredible height, distinctive attire (especially its fondness for brand new golf shoes) and unique aroma of incinerated wine-laced tobacco products, as well as its creative mating rituals involving the use of oversized and overpriced sport utility vehicles. Beware of it on its ancestral hunting grounds, known in the modern parlance as 'links'; its devious use of trajectory control and Hogan-esque asides has reduced more than one opponent to a blubbering, quivering, five-putting mess.
Chris Homer
??? UK
Age: ??; Handicap: 9
Winner of several Hickory Championships worldwide. Handicap is, in fact based on all hickory play. Will be trying to capture the Scottish Hickory Championships (again) at the end of May. Founder of Past Masters Hickory Golf Events.
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David Sneddon
Belle River, Ontario, Canada
Age: 54; RCGA Index: 5.9
Born and raised in Scotland, and a resident of Canada for the past 30 years. Currently a 5.9 index and struggling to play to that. Has attended RSG-Ohio for the past 4 years, and last year attended RSG-Wisconsin. Plays a variety of local courses, including an excellent old Donald Ross, and a brand new Matthews course. Also fortunate to live within 20 minutes of the USA border which lays open a veritable feast of good courses in the Detroit, Michigan area.
Demetri Dourambeis
Leeds, Yorkshire, UK
Age: 41; Handicap: 9
Prefers to be called Demetri but is also known by a nickname Durram on the internet as that was used by some golfing pals I had years ago. Is 41 years old, lives in Leeds, Yorkshire with his (very, very understanding) wife and four childers, oldest 16, youngest 7. Headingley Golf Club is where he plays most of his golf where his handicap is 9. His lowest handicap has been 7. Also plays golf once a month with Adel Golf Society, a group of about 40 locals and about 26 turn up at each event. They also go away a couple of times a year, this spring is up to Scotland just before the rsg-usg event.
Has only been playing for ten years and first joined a proprietry club called Wike Ridge and was on the committee there as club sec and handicap sec. Moved from the newest club on to Headingley which is the oldest club in Leeds, is a bit more traditional but the competition and course is much more challenging which has sorted his handicap out.
With the usg crowd he has played at a few of the get togethers at Kirby, Bingley, Woodhall Spa, Aldwickbury and Lahinch amongst others. He says "I expected to meet a bunch of golf nuts and computer geeks and wasn't disappointed ;-)"
He also says "Pre and after golf activities also feature as part of my enjoyment of the game and I hope not to go too mad during our event, but you never know, after all it's not very competitive and only for fun isn't it!"
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Mike Plowinske
Troy, New York, USA
Age: 45; USGA Index: 6.0
Belongs to the Country Club of Troy and plays on most weekends during the season.
One-time RSG-Ohio Champion and two-time RSG-Hershey Champion. and two RSG-Hershey. However, greatest golfing accomplishment is never having lost to Sneddon. 

Has played golf in Ireland, Mexico, and Monte Carlo (actually in France), but never in Scotland.
Mark Myers
Essex, UK
Age: 39; Handicap: 14
Belongs to a golf club called Weald Park. Knows the UK golfers through the annual meet in May, and has also played with some of them at Woodhall Spa, Aldwickbury and Lahinch. By profession is a computer programmer, currently specialising in MS .NET internet and database programming.

Says "I can drink Demetri under the table."
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Thor (Dave) Collard
Cowlumbus, OH, USA
Age: 43; USGA Index: 8.8
Host of the RSG-Ohio event every September, this year will be the 9th year running. Always walks, loves to play golf in mass quantities. Has been to a bunch of RSG events, but never before played golf outside of the USA.
Software developer at a large, foundering telecom company.
Richard Brown
SW London, UK
Age: 43; Handicap: 28
Is an analytical chemist who works in SW London. Has played at several of the official usg meets in the last two years as well as Lahinch. Says "Good luck to both sides."
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Neal Bell
Columbus, OH, USA
Age: 35; USGA Index: 14.0
Met Thor on the golf course a number of years ago, and became aware of RSG-Ohio through him. One time RSG-Ohio Champion.
Kev Nurse
Golfer Location?
Age: ??; Handicap: 11
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Mark Georg
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Age: 45; USGA Index: 14.7
Host of RSG-Pittsburgh each April.
Network administrator, Novell and Microsoft stuff. Enjoys golf, guitar, bowling (not the cricket kind) and can drink as long as Mark Koenig can.
Johnty Hutchinson
Golfer Location?
Age: ?; Handicap: 17
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Joe "Deuce" Dean
Cowlumbus, OH, USA
Age: 47; USGA Index: 19.0
Man of many nicknames... also known as "No Fear" because he makes more long putts than anybody you ever saw. Probably the Coolest golfer in the world.
John Laird
Age: ?; Handicap: 11
Bio Text
Coops - "The Senator"
Midwestern State, USA
Age: Timeless; USGA Index: 20.0
Boyd Beattie
Age: 41; Handicap: 11
Boyd Beattie here, 41, married with a 14 year old son, a freelance management and systems consultant from the Glasgow area. Played a lot as a younger (and lighter) man and was as low as 4. Business and family meant that I never hit a ball for over fifteen years and started back again last year and got hooked again immediately. Now a member of Kirkhill GC in Cambuslang in Glasgow, where it would be fair to say that I get value for money for my subscription. Now playing off 11, but falling consistently when I ran out of competitions at the end of last season. Hoping for good thigs this year (aren't we all?) My other hobby is old cars. Too many hobbies, not enough time.